Hi. I’m an editor in Barcelona.

If you need a bilingual editor to write copy, revise or communicate your brand’s content in English, contact me!

Hola. Soy editora en Barcelona.

Si necesitas a un editor bilingüe para escribir, comunicar or traducir tuproyecto al inglés, contáctame!

I’m mainly an editor but I wear many hats.

I started out as an architecture editor for diverse publishers and a freelance writer for design magazines and later as a communications officer for humanitarian and urban research groups, creating websites, curating and editing content to communicate and promote their work in English. I also spent a year working at a communications agency as chief editor of an online architecture magazine. More recently, I’ve devoted time to developing personal projects like writing a children’s book and launching an English workshop for kids. I’m especially interested in working in editorial, publishing or media projects with a cultural, artistic or scientific focus.


I can revise and craft the tone of your content in English so that it reads professionally and appeals to an international and native English audience

Storytelling and curation

I can write or curate content in English tailored to your needs and turn complex subjects into engaging stories

I can translate your article, book or online content from Spanish to English or vice-versa

Website + editing in one
I can build a simple, functional and attractive WordPress site and make sure the English is tip-top

Branding + social media
I can help you adapt your brand to a native English audience through social media

Spanish brands using bad English. I’ve seen it happen time and again. Don’t cramp your style with unprofessional mistakes and incorrect expressions! 🤦🏻‍♀️

About me

It’s impossible to say who I am without explaining all the places I’m from. Born to Cuban parents who were the first in many generations to leave the island, I was born in Spain and grew up in Los Angeles, California, where I quickly integrated into US culture, though not without the constant presence and reminders of my Hispanic and Latino roots. I began university at UCLA and shortly after moved to London, UK, where I graduated in Communications with a specialization in Visual Arts, immersed in a diverse community that taught me the value of open-mindedness, critical thinking and cultural nuance. I live in Barcelona with my two daughters and have a small obsession with everything Cuban and dancing salsa.